Sewing Projects for 1m of Viscose Fabric or Less!

There's a lot you can do with 1 metre of viscose fabric (or less) and I'm going to prove it to you in this post! Viscose is a lovely versatile fabric, and the pattern suggestions below demonstrate the variety of garments this light weight fabric lends itself to, so hopefully you'll find the perfect project for that pesky 1m of fabric...

Some of these projects will depend on what size you are cutting out or the width of the fabric, in which case 1.5m may be needed to be doubly sure these will work for you. 

Crafty Pinup fabric width =

136cm / 54 inches (approx), non directional print, lightweight.


Top tip: cut your facings in a different, similar weight fabric and save your best one for anything that will show on the outside!


1. Zero waste skirt

This is my ultimate zero waste, 1m sewing project. It's an incredibly simple make and great for beginners. You can make the skirt with no slits or create one slit by only sewing up the one tube seam part way, or split the piece of fabric in to two and create two slits.

The skirt is made in a couple of very simple steps:
Starting with exactly 1m of viscose fabric...

  • Mark the top and the bottom of the skirt (the longest edges/selvedges). Decide if you want a split in your skirt and measure on the sides where to sew to. 
  • Finish the two side seams (overlock). Doing this step first is especially beneficial if you are leaving a split. Sew the fabric into a tube, up until the split point.
  • Finish the top edge (overlock if possible) and fold over the top edge into the wrong side, the width of your chosen waist elastic. Sew the channel, leaving a 2 inch gap. Measure the elastic by wrapping it around your waist and cutting it at a comfortably fitting length, leaving a little extra to sew your elastic together. Insert the elastic into your created channel. Stitch elastic together and finish sewing the channel closed. 
  • If you are leaving a slit, iron your seam allowance open all the way down. Top stitch around the split close to the edge, to secure it.
  • Hem the skirt and you're done!

Only got half a metre? Make a knee length skirt instead!


2. Nightwear

Viscose makes for some super floaty nightwear, here's a selection of my favourites: 

Tilly and the Buttons 'FiFi' Pyjamas - this pattern is a cute vest and shorts sleep set. The pattern suggests 1 - 2m, but you could definitely make just the vest or shorts with 1m or less and you'd be able to squeeze out a matching eye mask too (free pattern!).

Megan Nielsen 'Reef' Camisole and Shorts Set - another pattern which is just over the 1m mark, but I reckon with some clever cutting layouts you could squeeze the set out of 1m.

Slip pattern by Kwik Sew - this sewing pattern is in my shopping cart right now. I love slips and this looks like a great option. A little short on fabric? Make the lace hem deeper.


Top tip: Need to cut the bodice front and back on the fold? You can split the bodice pieces in half (along the fold line) and add on the seam allowance. Now you'll be able to cut it out however best uses the fabric. Just stitch up that new seam first! 


3. Lingerie

For only half a metre of fabric you could sew up some hella cute knickers and bras. You could easily use viscose for bra cups when it's layered with a stable fabric underneath too, try satin.

Frilly Knicker pattern by Sew Over It & Minnie Flared Tap pants by Evie La Luve - both lovely knicker shapes perfect for lightweight fabric.

Simplicity 8549 is a bralette pattern - underwear as outwear?

Boylston Bra by Orange Lingerie - I've made this bra pattern myself and loved it. This would look so lovely in floral.


4. Tops

Along with simple cami tops, look out for short sleeved simple shirt patterns too, there's lots of shirt/blouse patterns just over the 1m mark but with facings cut in a different fabric, shortening the style or getting rid of the pockets would mean less use.

Gilbert Top - a nice simple shirt that would look great in flowy fabric.

True Bias Ogden Cami - most vest top style sewing patterns will only use about 1m of fabric. This is one of the internet's most popular!

Other vest style cami tops include Gaïa Top & Wanderer Tank & Peggy Top

Solee Top Insta tutorial via @natalie_ebaugh - this simple, self drafted shirred top is proving to be super popular!


Top tip: hack a dress pattern into a top, or switch long sleeves to short sleeves!


5. Skirts

Other than the ideal zero waste skirt I detailed at the start of the post. There's a couple of others out there too. Viscose is lovely cut on the bias, but it does use more fabric.

M7931- a classic bias cut skirt in various lengths.

M7845 - a cute ruffle mini, this would look so good in floral viscose.

Malo Skirt by I AM Patterns - a simple mini skirt with some nice details.

5. Accessories

Now there really is a lot of accessories you can get out of 1m of viscose fabric or less, especially when it comes to scrap busting projects too. As viscose is lightweight, if you wanted to use it for items like hats or bags, you totally can, but I would recommend backing your fabric onto something stable like a cotton.

Here's a list of some of my fave accessories to sew:

  • Scarfs (see my video tutorial for a head scarf pattern). I wear mine in my hair or tied onto bags for a pop of pattern. Or make a larger, bandana style scarf out of a hemmed square.
  • Tie pattern by Sew Over It
  • Scrunchies are always a winner. Check out this popular tutorial by Cut One Pair to sew your own.
  • Masks are also an option for viscose, but make sure it's only the pretty outer layer and be sure to layer up the mask with more protective fabrics. 



I hope this post has been helpful for deciding what your next 1m sewing project will be. If you have any more suggestions or recommendations, leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!
Abi xo

Disclaimer: contains affiliate links.

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